A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A sidescrolling survival game set on a small procedurally generated planet for #LDJAM38

The idea was to have a simulated ecosystem you had to look after however due to time constraints it ended up not working out as well as hoped.

Planeterarium on the Ludum Dare Website


  • Esc - Inventory,
  • A/D or Left/Right - move
  • Shift - Run
  • Space - Pick up items

How To Play

  • Pick up vegetables and eat them for nutrition.
  • Be sure to always replant so as not to diminish the food supply.
  • Prss escape to open your inventory where you can see all of your items. Here you can use and drop items.
  • If you use or drop seeds it will plant them on the ground where they will grow into plants. Tomatoes and blueberries take time to produce fruit and the fruit can't be picked until it falls on the ground.
  • Wolves will attack pigs if they are hungry but they also love blueberries which they find more filling.
  • Pigs will either eat tomatoes or carrots off the ground if they are hungry.
  • if Two non hungry pigs meet they will have a baby. The same works for wolves.(this mechanic doesn't work very well right now unfortunately)
  • The goal is to keep the wolf and pig populations as balanced as possible however there is currently no way of telling this unfortunately

Known issues:

  • Seed in main menu is different to one in game.
  • Dropped plants slide.
  • Pigs go extinct waaay too easily.
  • Tomatoes take too long to ripen.
  • Wolves don't always eat pork chops straight away.
  • Pigs just stand there when a wolf is about to attack.

Development/Game Design - @Bourbrick

Art/Animation - @kalobrienz

Music - Cian Hackett


PlaneterariumLD38.zip 13 MB
PlaneterariumLD38_Linux.zip 19 MB
PlaneterariumLD38_Mac.zip 17 MB


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you should continue this game. its good!


Seems like a Terraria copy


Is Good